7 Ways to Improve the Security of Your Home

Your home is so much more than the most expensive purchase you’ve ever made. It’s also where you and your family live, eat, sleep, and make memories. Security should be high on the list of priorities for any homeowner, and there are lots of ways to make your home safer. As with most aspects of your home, you can enhance security by integrating it with a smart home approach. Here are seven ways to make your home safer with smart home technology.

1 – Cover the Windows

Shades over your windows and doors will make it harder for a potential thief to see if someone is home. You can definitely open and close the blinds without having a smart home, but the right technology will make it far easier. With a single push of a button, you can have all of the blinds go up or down in your home.

2 – Check the Locks

Even the most diligent people occasionally forget to lock their doors before they leave for the day. With a smart home setup, you can check the status of all of your doors through your smartphone no matter where you are. If you forgot to lock the back door that morning, do it from your phone.

3 – Change Your Password

Modern technology helps keep your home safe and secure. Just like any other technology, though, some people will try to hack into it. Help keep your smart home and security system as safe as possible by changing the password regularly. Make your password strong, and use a password manager, so you don’t have to remember it.

4 – Upgrade Your Devices

Technology is advancing at an unprecedented speed, which means there are always new home security devices available. Upgrade to the latest and greatest in home security technology to make sure your home has all the best features. Newer devices are less likely to malfunction and should be much easier to control.

5 – The Lights Are on but Nobody’s Home

Sometimes thieves will watch a house for a while to see if there is anyone home or not. One of the biggest clues that a house is empty is that no lights go on at night. You can trick thieves into thinking someone is home by putting your lights on a schedule using timers. Some smart home technology even randomizes which lights go on and off at different times, which makes it impossible for anyone to notice a pattern by watching your home.

6 – Add Motion Sensors to Lights

Motion sensors connected to lights are a great way to help deter thieves because some criminals will run away from your property as soon as the lights kick on. Motion sensors are even more effective when you pair them with your security system and cameras. Then smart home technology can send an alert to your phone to let you know whenever there’s a disturbance.

7 – Don’t Forget the Garage

An open garage is one of the easiest ways to gain access to a house. Integrate your garage door with your smart home technology, so it’s easier to make sure everything is secure. You’ll even be able to close the garage door from your smartphone.

Smart Home Security San Francisco with Performance Audio

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Image Credit: Shutterstock/Syda Productions