What are the Best Projectors for a Home Theater?

No home theater is complete without a projector. Thankfully, quality projectors are more accessible than ever before and are even more cost-effective than TVs in many cases. Projectors are the best option for people who want a massive visual display in their home. To make sure you’re getting the best projector for your ultimate home …


How to Turn Your Old House into a Smart Home

Old Victorian homes and other older houses are popular in San Francisco, but they often don’t include the great technology you find in newer builds. Luckily, it’s easier than ever to outfit your older house with smart home technology. Home automation can increase efficiency and make it far easier to manage your household. There are …


What Are The Best Audio Conferencing Solutions for Office Spaces

When you have a business located in San Francisco, widely known as the home of some of the most advanced technology enterprises in the world, people are going to expect things to work flawlessly. This is especially true for your audio video office conferencing capabilities that quite simply have to deliver. When it comes to …

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Best Streaming Services for Your Home Entertainment System

Streaming music services used to be few and far between. Even the people that used the services five years ago didn’t know how long they would stick around. Music enthusiasts didn’t always think they were the future of audio, either. Today, everyone from long-time vinyl record collectors to high school kids use streaming services to …


Guide to Creating the Ultimate Home Theater in a Small Space

It sounds like the summary for a demented DIY reality show episode: Build a killer home theater installation in a small room. Sure, there are bonus points for keeping things under budget and what not, but it’s the space that’s the problem. It’s like putting a ship in a bottle. It can be done, but it’s tricky. Consider The …


Why Every Bar and Restaurant Needs a Quality Audio Video System

Music is everywhere these days, from retail stores to shared outdoor spaces, and it is certainly expected to be heard in restaurants, bars, clubs, and cafes. This expectation is so ingrained that the absence of music can sound empty and off-putting to customers. If you are looking to install audio video at your business location, …