Home Automation Installation: Use a Professional or Do it Yourself?

Home automation has recently become much more accessible to the modern homeowner than ever before. Smart home integration and wifi devices have opened up a world of motorized blinds, intuitive appliances, and app-controlled amenities that were the exclusive purview of event venues and celebrity mansions. 


You can control your lights, thermostat, garage door, refrigerator, and home gym from your phone – but not from the same app. And installing each system – from your built-in sound system to those cool motorized blinds – takes a lot more elbow grease than just plugging in a smart speaker.


Smart home automation home installation can be made into a seamless, luxuriant experience with the help of a professional who understands the process from beginning to end.


Benefits of Professional Home Automation Installation Services vs. DIY

Why choose a professional installation for your smart home and home automation instead of just going DIY? We know that DIY is very popular right now, and with many Ikea-like kits for all sorts of home products, it’s pretty tempting to roll up your sleeves and try home automation for yourself.


When it comes to screwing in smart light bulbs and placing a speaker hub in every room, you can absolutely DIY. But when you’re talking real in-the-wall integrated home automation – these home updates are always better when done by a professional. Installing home automation is the wiring, mounting, and motorizing that makes an automated home truly luxuriant and convenient. 


A professional not only wields the screwdriver but also provides safe wiring and professional rebuilding of the space for elegance and insulation when the work is done.


The Best Technology, Not Just the Best Advertised

Working with a professional, you can choose from the best home automation technology on the market, not just the best-advertised products seen by consumers. Your home automation installer will know which brands perform the best, integrate the most smoothly, and work uniquely well with your home’s architecture or your desired automated features.


Understand the Technology and How It Works Together

A professional knows how each automated element can play a part in the big picture and can help you design an audio-visual system that is clear and enjoyable throughout the house and how to integrate entertainment and smart home systems seamlessly. They can combine your motorized blinds, thermostat, and smart lights and make natural systems work together in your home.


Customization and Unified App Controls

Not only do you benefit from professional customization of your automated home, but you will also enjoy unified control, pulling together the dozens of controller apps required for various smart appliances and features into one seamless homeowner experience.


Managed Results and Peace of Mind

Most of all, you will never have to guess if your home automation efforts will be satisfying. With professional home automation installation, the entire process is managed and crafted until the desired automation experience has been achieved. A professional installation will grant you far more peace of mind than tackling a DIY automation project alone.


Smart Home: Home Automation for San Francisco Bay Area Residents

Smart home automation is all the rage, but you don’t have to tackle it alone. While many smart home features market a “plug and play” ease, not all do. Wired-in smart home automation is often the most satisfying, from smart thermostats and security systems to wall-mounted panels to control and interact with each room of the house. 


Smart home installation for San Francisco Bay Area homeowners and residents is born from the AV tradition, wiring beautiful homes with every feature that enhances the space. Integrate audio, the perfect home streaming studio, immersive entertainment, and enchanting guest experiences are all at your fingertips – and on voice command – with professional, smart home automation installation services.


Professional Home Automation Installation in the Bay Area

Home automation installers are more than just people who run wires. We create immersive, elegant home experiences where your home responds to every touch and voice command. Discover the beauty, convenience, and peace of mind when you hire Performance Audio to make your home the cutting-edge of what a modern automated smart home should be. Contact us to discuss the unique automation needs of your home in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Image Credit / Shutterstock / aslysun