Things to Consider When Buying Speakers for Your Home

If there’s one thing that will really let you down when listening to music or gaming, it’s bad speakers. Don’t settle for poor home audio when there are so many great solutions in the audio video market.

Types of Speakers

Floor speakers are the traditional large speakers that rest on the floor, and these typically give the best high-end audio. Subwoofers are specialty speakers that provide bass in addition to the main speakers. Not all speaker sets have dedicated subwoofers, but any quality set generally will. Soundbars and subwoofer sound bars are speakers designed with a low profile giving them their bar shape, which means they integrate well with TVs and large screens. Smaller speakers designed to take up less space at some expense of sound quality include bookshelf speakers, portable Bluetooth speakers, and docking station speakers for smartphones and mp3 players.

What is Surround Sound?

Surround sound is accomplished using a set of speakers arranged throughout the room to literally surround you with sound. Surround sound can make watching movies more cinematic and is a must for serious gamers. Getting surround sound set up right is a tricky process that is best done by an experienced professional if you want it to sound its best.

Room Size Matters

The reason is that the size of a room greatly affects its acoustics. If your room is small, then physically large speakers are not necessarily the best choice. Though large free-standing speakers tend to give the best quality, in a small space they can be overpowering and overload the room with bass. Here a more compact choice might be better.

Hard Surfaces are the Enemy of Good Sound

Another consideration is how many hard surfaces your listening area has. Next time you’re in a theatre or concert hall, look around at the walls and up at the ceiling. You will notice there are no large unbroken areas of flat surface to reflect sound waves uniformly. Ways to overcome this at home are to dampen the effect with drapes, wall hangings, rugs, and large indoor plants. All of these can help your speakers sound their best by breaking up sound reflections.

Choose the Best Speakers for Your Home with Performance Audio

The best way to choose your home audio speakers is to visit Performance Audio to see our speakers in action and directly compare them. Especially with the number of devices in use today, it’s important that you have a speaker setup that can work with all of them, including smartphones, tablets and PCs, gaming platforms, receivers, and streaming services.

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