Home Theater Trends to Look for Going Into 2020

Everyone from movie enthusiasts to serious sports fans might find that the home theater is one of their favorite rooms in the entire house. Keep your happy place up to date by keeping up with all the latest design and technology trends that are making our media experience better. Some of the world’s brightest minds are creating a constant flow of exciting new gadgets, which means there are always opportunities to upgrade your experience. Check this list of home theater trends to get new ideas.

Smart Home Theaters

New smart home technology can make our lives easier in so many different ways. You can lock your doors from miles away, turn out the lights without getting up, and now turn your home theater into a high-tech media room. Don’t worry about fumbling around with a bunch of different remotes every time you want to change the video input or raise the volume. Do it all from your centralized control panel. You can even run everything through your smartphone, so you don’t have to worry about learning a new piece of equipment.

Smart media rooms will make your movie or TV experience more futuristic and fun than ever before. An integrated approach will serve as a universal remote, and you might be amazed just how much you can control with it. Use your smart home capabilities to close the blinds, turn down the lights, start the projector, and connect to your favorite streaming device. You can even program all of those functions to happen at the same time, sending your home theater into movie mode with one click of a button.

4K Visuals

4K TVs have been around for a while already, and now the entire industry is starting to catch up. In 2020, look for broadcasts, streaming services, and even your local cinema to upgrade their services as they adjust to modern technology. In other words, you’re about to have a ton of 4K viewing options to enjoy on your impressive new screen. Upgrade your hardware now, and you can expect video providers to help you get the most from it.

Better Sound for Home Theater

If you haven’t bought new speakers in a while, you may be surprised by how affordable it is to get top of the line quality in your home. Soundbars, surround sound systems, and more can give your home theater an audio experience that rivals what you might find in the local cinema. It seems like everyone is becoming an audiophile as high-quality audio technology becomes more accessible, so blow your guests away with innovative new sound technology. Create a more immersive experience for movies, sports, and just about everything else with better sound.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality technology is especially popular with the younger generation, but adventurous adults have been having a blast with it, too. There’s no better place for a VR headset than in your home theater with the rest of your impressive technology. Virtual reality has already revolutionized the way people use media like video games, and its popularity will only grow.

Home Theater Systems in San Francisco

We at Performance Audio have been serving the Bay Area since 1976. In that time, we’ve stayed on the leading edge of home entertainment technology, helping locals install state of the art home theaters. We keep up to date with all the latest gadgets, because we want you to have the best of the best in your home. Contact us to learn more about how you can keep up with the newest home theater trends.