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Lighting Systems in San Francisco

Great lighting starts with great design. Performance Audio understands how important lighting can be. We focus on creating lighting that is functional, improves safety, and helps showcase a home. We aim to create a pleasant ambiance and achieve the desired mood for each homeowner we work for.

Professional Lighting Design Services

Good lighting design will take the current environment and the desired state into consideration. This applies to both the inside and the outside of your home. Our professionals will consider the physical look and design of the area we work with. We also look at how the area gets light currently.

From there, we talk to our clients to determine how they use the space, and what kind of feeling they want to create. We have a wide variety of different lighting fixtures from you to choose from. This gives you access to different looks as well as different types of lighting.

We have experience with all of the different types of lighting:

  • Landscaping and exterior lighting
  • Artwork accent lighting
  • Book shelves
  • Overhead cabinets
  • Kitchen and bathroom
  • Nooks
  • Bedroom lighting
  • Entertainment rooms and living rooms
  • Security and motion detection lighting

Professional Lighting Installation Services in San Francisco

Once you’ve come up with the perfect design for your home’s lighting, you don’t want anything to get lost in translation when the project gets turned over to the installation team. Luckily, Performance Audio can take their own design and turn it into a beautiful reality for you.

We will handle the installation and wiring, then make adjustments as needed until everything is exactly the way you like it. Or technicians are well trained to install lighting quickly, efficiently, and in compliance with codes and best practices.

Our certified team prides itself on offering the highest level of customer service, and puts your satisfaction before everything else. Our installation team works closely with our design team to make sure they understand your vision as well as possible. When one cohesive team works on your projects, it is easier for you to make sure you get exactly what you wanted.

You know your design team will stick to the plan, and you can also be confident that everything will work. Installing your own lighting fixtures can be complicated, dangerous, and can often lead to damaged equipment. Let the professionals handle your installation to get the most value out of your new light system.

Quality and Efficiency

When you upgrade your lighting, you get better efficiency, more control, and better aesthetics. New lighting features are designed with more consideration for the environment than outdated fixtures received. This means you will reduce your environmental footprint, as well as reducing your utility bills.

The energy savings are the result of a few different qualities of these products. For one, they rely on superior materials that don’t require as much energy to create superior lighting. They also use smart technology to give you increased control over your lighting. This increased control allows you to manipulate your environment with ease, and it also leads to even more energy savings.

Integrated Technology

Your lights can be connected to all sorts of different control options now. You can use technologically advanced control panels, specialized mobile applications on your smartphone, or even voice commands. Tie your lights into your home automation system to get superior control at all times.

You can use all of these different controls to create lighting schedules, or turn lights on and off from afar. You can also dim your lights or increase the intensity to affect different moods for different scenarios. Computerized interfaces give you so much more control than you can achieve with a simple lightswitch.

Quality Products You Can Depend Upon

Performance Audio takes pride in our commitment to high quality. We may take our name from our expertise with audio goods, but we’re no strangers to lighting products, either. We only partner with the most trustworthy brands in the industry, because we accept nothing but the best for our customers.

When you buy reliable lighting products from Performance Audio, you can rest assured that your products will perform at the highest level, give you as much control as possible, and last for a long time. Our professional installation services add another level to your confidence, because you know your new lighting system will start with the best installation available. If you’re proud of your home in the Bay Area, buy lighting fixtures you can be proud of, too.

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Performance Audio is your local source for home lighting installation. Our professionals are familiar with all different types of light fixtures, and can handle your entire project from design to completion. Some of the most beautiful homes around San Francisco have used our lighting solutions, and we can’t wait to help you find the upgrades that are right for you. Contact us today to work with residential lighting experts.