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If you’re in the restaurant business, you know the importance of ambiance, the general feel of the restaurant that makes your guests comfortable while dining. Each restaurant’s ambiance is unique, depending on the cuisine, the location and the customers.

Performance Audio can help you set the right tone with commercial audio-visual services for your restaurant or bar to ensure your customers not only leave happy but come back looking for more.

Video Displays

For large-capacity sports bars or even just the local pub, good video displays that are tuned into the home team’s games are a powerful way to turn your establishment from a simple place to grab a bite or a drink into a neighborhood focus.

And if you find yourself having to cater to two different sets of sports fans at the same time, having different screens in different locations in the dining area can help keep disruptions down by letting the fans sort themselves out.

It also helps to have systems with “universal remote” functionality under your control so that you can manage what gets shown where and when.

Sound Systems

It may be a truism, but sound systems are meant to be heard, and not seen. A good restaurant surround sound installation can accomplish a lot if it’s engineered right.

Whether you’re piping ambient music throughout the dining room or making sure that every grunt and cheer at the game is coming through clearly, it’s worth the time to make sure that the sound system is cleverly hidden and fully functional. Relying on the built-in speakers on the displays will not win you a lot of repeat business.

Performance Audio

Performance Audio serves as a restaurant AV company in San Francisco. Visit our website, give us a call or come down to our showroom to discuss your requirements with one of our representatives to see how we ca help you bring out the very best ambiance in your restaurant or bar.

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“Barry and the guys rock These guys know their stuff. Amazing service they do a top quality job AND every system they have done for us works great. They are also great at adding & programing automation! ”
– John M.