Commercial AV Integrator

A new audiovisual system can make a big impact, whether for corporate boardrooms, educational institutions, event spaces, or home theaters. However, knowledge of acoustics, hardware, software, and more is required to get the best results. At Performance Audio, we’ve designed countless AV systems for our clients. We’ve put together this guide to explain what we do.

What is an AV Integrator, and Why Do I Need One?

Many components go into an audio-visual system. They all need to work together as a cohesive and efficient system to provide the best results. Cookie-cutter designs rarely work well, as every space is different, requiring a tailored approach that matches the area and needs of the customer. An audio-visual (AV) Integrator specializes in making this happen.

AV Integrators ensure that the sound, video, and interactive technologies in a space all work seamlessly together. They go beyond the scope of simple plug-an-play solutions to create a system customized to a room’s unique sonic characteristics.

A good AV integrator is an expert in both the hardware and software aspects of AV systems, allowing them to create a system that’s easy to use, maximally compatible, and performant. Their job is to stay ahead of the latest technology, so hiring one ensures a state-of-the-art solution.

What to Expect During the Process

When you hire an AV integrator, you’ll get a comprehensive solution to your audiovisual needs. To make this happen, the AV integrator will work with you at every step of the process. Typically, an installation consists of the following steps:


The first step is the consultation. During this step, the AV integrator will take the time to understand your needs, preferences, and budget. They’ll gather information about the specifics of the space so they can design a system that works well within it.


During this phase, the AV integrator takes what they’ve learned in the consultation and begins designing a custom solution just for you. This can be an iterative process, with the AV professional proposing a solution and adapting it to any feedback you may provide.


When the design is finalized, the installation process can begin. During installation, the AV integrator will set up all the agreed-upon equipment. This can include displays and speakers as well as complex networking and control systems.

An essential part of AV installations is wiring. The difference between tidy DIY and professional installation is running the wiring through the wall, ensuring that every screen, speaker, and control panel floats elegantly within your office or venue design without trailing cables or even contained wire runs.


Your new AV system might be complicated and challenging to figure out on your own, so the final part of the process is for the installer to give you a tour of your new system. They’ll explain everything you need to know to get the most from your installation and answer any questions you may have.

Benefits of Professional AV Integration

Although it may be tempting to try crafting your own AV system, there are numerous benefits to hiring a professional to do it for you. Here are a few of the major ones:

  • Customized Solutions: Off-the-shelf setups will not fit your specific needs and space as perfectly as what a professional AV integrator can design for you.
  • Access to Technology: Professionals spend a lot of time keeping up with changes in the industry and will have greater knowledge of available solutions to specific needs.
  • Improved Appearance: Getting the best aesthetics from an AV system requires the type of experience in placement and clutter reduction that professionals excel at.
  • Training: AV systems can get complicated. A commercial integrator will take the time to ensure that you fully understand how to use the system.
  • Proper Installation: DIY projects sometimes turn out differently than planned. Complications can make a mess of an installation quickly. Professional expertise ensures a proper installation.

Experience Unmatched Audiovisual Integration Expertise with Performance Audio

Performance Audio is ready to handle every level of cable management and behind-the-wall installation – no matter how elaborate your integrated space. Structured cable evaluation, design, and installation can be done with LAN and Fiber Optic cabling, including custom measurement and cable termination. From full suite server rack cabling to low voltage wiring and everything in between, you will experience a turnkey AV solution.

For an AV system that provides the best experience possible, look no further than the staff at Performance Audio. Our team will work with you to provide the best system for your space and budget. To learn more about our AV integration services, contact us today.

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