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Audiovisual Consulting

Home audio and theater setups are important to many homeowners. Even people outside of the film and music business tend to like having a world-class sound system in their home. For luxury homes, they’re pretty much an expectation that builders need to meet.

Integrating a home audio and theater set-up into a space isn’t always easy though. Even if you know how to build an unbelievable home, getting the audio and video aspects right requires a special skill set.

That’s why Performance Audio works with architects and contractors to get systems set up right the first time, without repeat revisions and unhappy home or business owners.

Home Theater Systems

Home theater systems are complicated for people who don’t work with them every day. Integrating one into a space – even one that’s purpose-built for home theater use – can be very challenging.
From selecting the right amplifiers for a room, to knowing where to place speakers in walls or subwoofers in the floor, proper equipment choices and positioning should be left to the pros.

That’s why Performance Audio consults with many architects and contractors that work on home theater systems of all sizes.
After all, you may be able to build a perfect space – something Performance Audio can’t do – but picking the right home theater equipment and knowing how to maximize its function is another story altogether.

Audio Playback

High-end audio systems are a big part of the enjoyment people get out of their homes. Whether the homeowner listens to classical music or loud rock and roll is up to them, but for most, the ability to play great-sounding music is essential.
To get a quality home audio system set up, you need the right components and placement. Performance Audio can help you set up a high-end home audio system to match almost any budget, from relatively modest to top-of-the-line.

Performance Audio can also help with practical solutions that many homeowners want. From Bluetooth setups to remote controls that allow homeowners to enjoy their audio system from any room in the house, Performance Audio routinely helps architects and contractors design and perfect the audio system that’s right for the space and end user.

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Contact Performance Audio to learn more about our work with architects and contractors. Whether you’re building a spec house, working with an exacting homeowner client, or building commercial spaces, Performance Audio can make sure all your audio and video needs are professionally met.

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