Premium Commercial Sound Systems

No matter your business size, Performance Audio offers the best commercial audio system to suit your business needs. We customize our systems so that your business receives products designed to be reliable, high-performance, yet cost-effective solutions to your PA requirements. Our 70-volt commercial audio speaker systems include all you need for your business today and are scalable as your company continues to expand.

PA systems are everywhere and used in nearly every commercial application. Because they are used to such a great extent, you may not even be aware that they are present. Consider the music that plays as background in grocery stores, parking lots, and retail spaces. Other applications include schools, churches, airports, and public venues. PA systems help define the mood as well as get your message out.

What is a premium commercial sound system?

Commercial sound systems have numerous objectives. They are used to deliver music, make announcements, and offer other communication via audio. Because the right music playing at the right volume can influence your customer’s buying decisions, it is crucial that your commercial sound system is professionally installed to maximize its effect and reach.

A public address system is composed of speakers, inputs, amplifiers, and commercial mixing boards. Performance Audio offers the latest technology, expert installation, and optimal performance. We work closely to determine your needs based on daily requirements, size of operation, and functionality. We then design your system – including wiring, speaker placement, and accessibility, to deliver high performance and versatility.

Benefits of investing in a commercial sound system

Commercial sound systems differ from those you would typically purchase for your home. Consider how your system will be used and the coverage you will need. Home sound systems have limitations and often lack the reliability that a commercial system offers. Commercial systems are easier to troubleshoot and can also be very cost-effective.

Commercial systems are scalable.

You can build your system with as few or as many speakers as you need. As your business grows, your commercial sound system can grow with it.

Commercial sound systems are reliable.

Because your system must function at all hours when your business is open, your equipment is built to withstand the demands. Most commercial amplifiers have more extended warranties than those found on home systems.

70 Volt speakers and transformer taps

Commercial PA systems are designed with 70v speakers, which feature a line transformer that can step up the audio output signal to 70 volts, so the current is relatively low. This minimizes signal loss. Each speaker is equipped with a transformer tap that can adjust the output volume for individual speakers.

Premium Commercial Sound Systems are versatile.

Today’s premium commercial sound systems are built for commercial uses and have applications suitable for many businesses. Some have the ability to use Bluetooth, paging, high-performance sound, and automatic built-in paging announcements.

What makes up a commercial sound system?

Of course, commercial sound systems through Performance Audio are customizable. However, most systems, regardless of their size, contain some of the same essential components:

  • 70 Volt Speakers
  • Mixer Amplifier
  • Subwoofers
  • Volume Controls

Accessories are also available when customizing your system, such as:

  • Microphones
  • Mounting kits
  • Brackets
  • Additional cables or racking

Enhancing Customer Experience with High-Quality Audio Solutions

If you are opening a new business, growing an existing one, or upgrading your current commercial sound system, Premium Audio can help! We can help you determine your current needs and design a system that is right for your business today and will expand with your company in the future. Contact us today to find out more!