Play Your Music Loud without Guilt with These Soundproofing Ideas

There are some days where all you want to do is come home, fire up your sound system, throw on your favorite album, unplug the headphones and crank up the volume, whether you’re in a good mood or a bad one. The only thing stopping you is the building super or the HOA watchdogs ready to slap you with a noise complaint. But there are ways of avoiding that problem.

Carpet and Rugs

You can buy panels of carpet, usually in one-foot squares, with adhesive backing that allows you to place them on the walls. Similarly, you can hang densely woven rugs and tapestries on the walls, or lay out deep pile rugs on the floor, to act as acoustic baffles.

Curtains and Drapes

If you want a “heavy-duty” solution, you can’t go wrong with thick velvet curtains. Not only are they stylish, they’re a very heavy material that works as both acoustic damper and blackout curtain. If your decor doesn’t really support velvet, check out Silent Space curtains, a Swiss brand that’s translucent and very sound-absorbing.

Paint and Paintings

Some brands of paint are engineered to be sound-dampening. While it might not stop high or low frequency sounds as well, mid-frequency sounds (like people talking) are significantly reduced. In a similar vein, you can disguise acoustic panels as art canvases, making the room quieter and added some visual touches in the bargain.

Green Wall

Depending on how your place is laid out, and how much effort you’re willing to invest, you might consider a “green wall,” an indoor garden that uses climbing plants to create an acoustic baffle. Depending on placement and the type of plants chosen, this can be a unique solution.

Acoustic Tiles

Most people are familiar with the old-style cork flooring tiles that were being used as acoustic dampers back in the ’70s, and they are still a viable option. Alternatively, there are tiles made by companies like Traullit that are practical and carry a more modern aesthetic, as well as being eco-friendly.

Get Professional Soundproofing Installation by Performance Audio

While a DIY spirit is commendable, sometimes you just gotta call in the home audio professionals. Performance Audio does home audio installations in San Francisco and around the Bay Area regularly. Contact us today for more information on what we can do with your particular requirements and see what we can do to help you enjoy your sound in peace.