How a Voice Assistant Can Improve Your Daily Life

Most American adults already have access to some sort of voice assistant, whether that’s through your smartphone, in your car, or integrated right into your home. The most modern voice assistant setups can connect with an entire smart home to really bring their function to the next level. Here are just a few ways you can benefit when you create a smart home around your voice assistant.

Improve Your Routine With Voice Assistant San Francisco

You can tell your assistant to set an alarm for the morning, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Make your mornings easier than ever by programming a specific routine. When you say good morning to your assistant, it will start a variety of tasks to help you start your day right. It can manage tasks like turning on the lights, turning up the temperature in your bedroom, or even starting a cup of coffee for you. If you’re looking for the fastest way to work, it can help with that too.

Plan Your Commute

If you’re still having trouble getting out the door even after your voice assistant helps with the rest of your morning routine, it can feed you live traffic information to make sure you’re getting the most efficient route. If you need a ride, just tell your assistant to order your Uber, and it will get a car to you as soon as possible. Tell it to turn off the lights on your way out, and it will make sure you’re not wasting electricity while you’re away for the day.

Increase Productivity

Just like a real assistant, your voice assistant can handle simple administrative tasks to get them off your plate. It can sense when you’re getting low on certain office supplies like printer ink, then order new ones for you. Tell it to book a meeting room or invite coworkers to your next meeting to save some time preparing your calendar.

Learn New Things

Voice assistants are multilingual, so they can help you pick up a new language or hone one you’ve already been working on. Ask yours to translate simple phrases, or even engage it in a more intensive chat. It will even help you work on your pronunciation. If you’re more interested in staying up to date with current events, you can teach your assistant which news updates you’d like to hear as you go about your morning routine.

Prepare for Bed

Most of the main voice assistants have great bedtime routines as well as their morning options. You can set them to turn the lights down at a certain time, play some white noise for you to fall asleep to, or even read your favorite audiobook on a timer. If you wake up to a bump in the night, ask your home assistant to perform a quick check. It will be able to fill you in on the status of your security system. With that kind of peace of mind, you’ll be able to get back to sleep faster without prowling the halls to make sure everything is ok.

Home Automation Installation San Francisco

Performance Audio is your source for all things home automation in San Francisco! We can help you find a voice assistant that will integrate seamlessly with your existing smart home devices, or help you build a system from scratch depending on your needs. Our employees have been learning about home automation since its inception, and know all the tricks and tools to get your home just how you want it. Contact us today for an initial consultation, and let’s see what we can do to perfect your setup.

Image: metamorworks