6 Smart Home Devices to Bring Your Home into 2019

It’s almost 2019, and just about everything in your life is “smart.” You have the smartphone, the smart watch, and even your car is loaded with brand new tech. It’s time to bring your home up to speed. Automating your home can make your life easier, more comfortable, and more fun. Check out the following six smart home devices to plan your new and improved living situation.

1 – Smart Lighting

Integrate all the lights in your home to get a smart lighting system you can control through a single interface. Don’t worry about trying multiple different light switches until you can remember which one is which. This makes it easy to turn lights on and off when you go from room to room or step outside. With smart lighting, you can even check your phone from anywhere to make sure you didn’t accidentally leave lights on at home.

2 – Smart Shades

You already know your smart home can control the lights in your house, and it can actually control the flow of natural light, too. Raise and lower shades with the touch of a button. You can even set your shades to go up and down on a set schedule. For example, they can close to block the light out when you want to sleep, and raise in the morning when it’s time to wake up. Sunshine is the best alarm clock of them all.

3 – Home Theater

Watching your shades go up and down can be pretty entertaining by itself, but that’s nothing compared to what you can do with your home entertainment system. Replace all your remotes and control everything through a single control panel. Control all of your TVs, your Blu-ray and DVD player, and everything from the channel to the volume.

4 – Alarm Systems

Security may not be as cool and fun as your home theater system, but it’s one of the most important parts of any home. Rest assured that you and your family are safe by checking in on your alarm system from anywhere. If your security system includes cameras, you can see what’s going on at home no matter where you are. If your kids or someone else need to get into the home, you can temporarily disarm the alarms remotely, then set them again as soon as you’re ready.

5 – Smart Door Locks

Smart doors and locks are another great security feature you can get with your smart home. Lock and unlock your doors without having to carry a key, so that’s one more thing you can get out of your pocket or purse. When you can’t remember if you locked all the doors and closed the garage, just do it from your phone. There’s no need to get back out of bed or worry at work. Dog owners love how easy this makes it to let the walkers in while they’re at work.

6 – Voice Assistance

Part of the beauty of a smart home is that it’s easy to control. You can do it through your primary control panel, your smartphone, PC, or tablet. If you really want to take it up a notch, though, integrate your smart home with voice assistance technology. Control elements of your house by giving verbal commands for a truly easy and luxurious experience. As you walk guests through the home, you can verbally adjust the music and lighting to impress and delight your friends.

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