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Home Security Systems in Sausalito

Smart home security systems are more advanced and more affordable than ever before thanks to advances in technology. The new tech is much more complex than old alarm systems, and can be fully integrated into the rest of the house.

Smart home security installation is easy, and can help keep your home extremely secure. In the event of an attempted break in, multiple systems work together to keep the intruder out and alert law enforcement immediately. These systems also collect valuable data for insurance purposes, so your family will be able to recover more quickly.

What is a ‘Smart Home’ Security System?

A smart home is one where all of the different devices are linked together and easy to control. With respect to your security system, it means that all of your different security components can be linked together. When all of your devices work like a cohesive security team, the effect of each piece is magnified.

You control everything from a central control panel, your computer, a tablet, or even your phone. From that one device, you’ll have be able to check on and operate all of the following:

  • Window and door sensors
  • Locks
  • The garage door
  • Security cameras
  • Motion sensors inside or outside of your house
  • The alarm, which can include lights as well as a siren
  • The ability to make a call out for response services

Security systems often come with one valuable component that isn’t very technologically advanced: a yard sign. The yard sign and window stickers let criminals know what they’re up against, so they’re far less likely to try anything at your home.

How Smart Home Security Systems Work

Smart home security systems work as the sum of all parts mentioned above. You get every benefit offered by the individual components of your system, plus the added convenience and security of being able to control everything from one place. Your control panel, computer, or app will allow you to keep an eye on your entire system and make sure every component is engaged.

Control Household Systems Wirelessly

A smart systems means that all components can be controlled through a user-friendly interface. Users can easily control the system from anywhere in the home, and can even check in from afar through their smartphone or other mobile devices. This means you’ll never have to worry about whether or not you remembered to arm your system and protect your house before you leave for a long trip.

Lock and Unlock Your Doors

The lock on your front door used to be the only security measure on your home, and it’s still one of your most effective lines of defense. Modern locks can be engaged and released without a key, which means you have one less thing to remember when you leave the house.

You can unlock your front door with a button combination pad, pass card sensor, or remote control system. Many of these systems still work with a traditional key, just in case. However you decide to lock and unlock your doors, you’ll have better control over physical access to your home.

Monitor Security Cameras

Being aware of your surroundings makes you much more secure, and it can give you great peace of mind too. Strategically placed cameras can make it easier to stay observant, and there are several ways to use them. You can use your tablet, smartphone or computer to see who’s at the door when your doorbell rings, or check in on your dog while you’re at work.

You can also set cameras to record video when a motion sensor is activated, which means you’ll always be able to know who came into your yard. When you know your cameras are always watching, you can relax completely without worrying that someone will sneak up on your home.

Control Your Home Alarm System

Alarm systems were created to attract attention to a situation. Everyone in your house will immediately know there’s a threat, and this alone is often enough to scare an intruder away. In most areas, your neighbors are close enough to hear the alarms too, which means other people know you could be in danger.

New alarm systems take this a step further. They can call the appropriate emergency response professionals, like the police, the fire department, or medical professionals. You can control all of these functions through your smart devices, so it’s easier than ever to reach out for help.

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Performance Audio has been serving the Bay area for years, and our experience has helped us learn a lot about home security systems installation and upgrades. The safety of your home an those inside it is probably one of your top priorities, and it’s one of ours, too. Contact us today to learn how we can set you up with a state of the art home security system in Sausalito CA.

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