Why Every Bar and Restaurant Needs a Quality Audio Video System

Music is everywhere these days, from retail stores to shared outdoor spaces, and it is certainly expected to be heard in restaurants, bars, clubs, and cafes. This expectation is so ingrained that the absence of music can sound empty and off-putting to customers. If you are looking to install audio video at your business location, here are some things to bear in mind.

What is the difference between professional vs. consumer equipment?

One reason why home consumer audio-video equipment does not hold up as well as professional-grade equipment is the level of use. Though you may think your home AV system is just as good as professional equipment, your home system is only used a few hours a day.

Restaurant and bar equipment, on the other hand, is used constantly with barely any letup and must withstand much more punishment. This means components getting hotter, and speakers turned up loud. There are also much longer cable runs and greater potential for electrical interference. This adds up to a need for professional-grade equipment.

What is the most optimal acoustics?

A simple speaker setup may work well for the home, but even a small restaurant, bar, or cafe is a much more tricky environment in which to get a good sound. For starters, it is much more important to have sound throughout the space rather than focusing on a central location, and it has to compete with higher levels of ambient noise.

Depending on your needs, you may also want microphones and a mixing console. It is best to start out with this assumption, as private parties that rent out space will often want to have speeches made or bring in live entertainment. As a business, you may also find yourself adding open-mic nights or having local live performances to keep the till ringing.

What video system should sports bars get?

While the main focus outside of sports bars is on high-end audio, it’s prudent to invest in video as well, which now means ultra-high-resolution large screens with exceptional quality. Video is needed should you ever expect to show unique sports events or other high-profile broadcasts. Some music services provide video as well which could be popular even as background entertainment in a restaurant, and screen space can also be used for displaying menus or advertising.

If you are set up to do live performances, being able to display performers on video is another plus, especially if your space is divided up into different areas or rooms where the designated stage area cannot be seen by everyone directly.

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